100% Efficient Payroll Services


Free yourself from the routine of payroll and relax in the knowledge that it’s being handled 100% efficiently to best-practice standards generally reserved for big businesses!

We don’t just deliver your payroll and meet your compliance obligation, but we’ll also help with the effective tax structuring of your employee salary packages. Our Payroll services include:

  • Preparation of employee’s annual W2/1099 payment summaries
  • Preparation & filing of annual payment summary reconciliation with the IRS
  • File declaration for each new employee with the State DOL
  • Monthly remittance of employee’s payroll tax, including filing of annual reconciliation
  • Attending to the payment of employee’s payroll via electronic transfer
  • Remittance of the monthly tax withheld from wages to the IRS
  • Arranging annual worker’s compensation insurance for employees on the payroll, including lodgement of annual reconciliation
  • Monthly remittance of employee’s retirement benefits
  • Ensure your company complies with labor legislation & that each eligible employee is provided with the appropriate Choice Form


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